Frequently Asked Questions

How do I paste an image into PicTapGo?

Most native iPhone apps allow you to copy an image to the clipboard. Usually, you tap and hold on an image until the Copy option appears. Tap Copy, then head back to PicTapGo and click the clipboard icon in the bottom-right of the Pic screen.

Can I take HDR / Panoramic images with the PicTapGo camera?

PicTapGo only supports a basic camera for capture. The main focus of the app is on editing, and the camera is included more as a convenience for quick snapshots. For more elaborate camera features, you’ll have to capture images with a different app, then open them afterward in PicTapGo for editing.

How can I control the crop of the image sent to Instagram?

At the moment, we only offer two options for sending a photo to Instagram. Crop will take a crop from the center of the image, and Full will pad the image with whitespace to preserve the original image within Instagram’s square format. In future versions, we hope to offer more control over image cropping.

Why do my images look pixelated / noisy? Why is there banding in the skies?

iPhone photos are all 8-bit captures (as opposed to raw images from a dSLR, for instance), and whenever you add too many filters to such quality-constrained images, you’ll start to see processing artifacts. Some filters are more prone to causing artifacts than others (equalize, in particular), and in general, the more extreme the effect, and the more contrast the filter adds, the greater chance you’ll see processing artifacts. To avoid this, try using fewer filters, or try to achieve the look you want with a different set of filters.

How do I reset my recipes or filter order?

When you first open the app, there’s a gear icon in the top-left of the Pic screen. Tap that to access PicTapGo’s Settings and Help. In the Settings section, there are buttons that allow you to reset various parts of the app to their default state.

Why aren’t my images being saved at full resolution on the iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4’s limited GPU processing capability makes it difficult to process images larger than 2048x2048 pixels. Newer devices don’t have this issue, but images saved on the iPhone 4 will be resized to fit within a 2048x2048 pixel boundary.

Does PicTapGo work on the iPad?

PicTapGo will work on the iPad in iPhone emulation mode. Currently there is no iPad-optimized version of PicTapGo.

How do I delete or rename a recipe?

Press and hold (long press) on a recipe’s thumbnail to bring up the recipe menu. There, you can choose to delete or rename it.

How do I save a recent recipe to my permanent recipe list?

Press and hold (long press) on a recent recipe’s thumbnail, and give it a name to save it permanently.

Can I re-order the filters in my library?

Sure! Just press and hold on the filter thumbnail until it lifts up, then drag it to where you want it!

Can I re-order the filters in My Style or the recipes in my Recipe collection?

At the moment, the order of filters in My Style is completely managed for you by PicTapGo based on your usage patterns. The Recipes are arranged alphabetically (so if you really wanted to, you could force whatever ordering you want by adding a number to the beginning of the recipe name).

There are no photos shown in my photo library! Help!

If you know you have photos in your photo library, but you can’t see them in the Pic screen, check your device’s privacy settings. In the Settings app, select Privacy -> Photos, and make sure PicTapGo is set to On.

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to help out!